Noise matters, so let us help you take control of your event, your licence and your future.

The use of independent monitoring specialists has never been more important to ensure the longevity and compliance of your event.

We’re seeing an increase in off-site noise problems affecting the licensing of live music events, which puts a strain on the relationships with the public and with the licensing authority, and can in some cases spell the end of an event.

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health’s Noise Council Code of Practice on Environmental Noise at Concerts requires a constant flow of real-time information and communication at all noise-sensitive locations on and off site. Our new real-time ‘NTI’ noise management system, developed specifically for the events industry, coupled with our experienced noise consultancy teams gives greater flexibility in solving the problems associated with environmental noise monitoring at outdoor events.

We work closely with local licensing authorities to draw up pre-event noise management plans and risk assessments and take measurements at specified noise-sensitive monitoring locations during the event. We remain in constant contact with our own front of house liaison consultant to advise on amendments to sound levels and specific frequencies which may need to be altered to comply with requirements.

With the total data picture available at all times (including a spectral analysis of all frequencies) our teams are able to identify the specific frequencies that are causing the problems so these can be quickly dealt with. We offer a constant and accurate assessment of noise levels and our live call-back allows us to explore measurement recordings instantaneously.

Additionally, with a little forward planning, our expertise can be put to use advising on sound system placement and design, which can often alleviate many of the problems in noise sensitive areas.

It’s not just your audience you need to consider either. Our team are experts in ensuring that Noise at Work regulations are being met to make certain that both your crew and your audience are safe.

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