It was really good to be back for a full event calendar in 2022, once again, working with friends, old and new.
This was fundamentally a relaunch year for Symphotech, one which put up a number of challenges to the whole of the events sector, but there have been some outstanding experiences created and it’s been a time for us to level up and look forward to 2023 and beyond.
A personal highlight was the reorganisation of Symphotech into three companies, each one led by respected, experienced specialists in their fields, taking our provision and client service to the next level.
Long-time Director and Head of Safety, Eddy Grant, has assumed full control of Symphotech Safety, and with customary precision and aplomb has delivered across the board in 2022 from the smallest client’s license hearing to challenging, world-class events including The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Collective Volunteers Party and The World Gymnastics Championships in Liverpool. We’re also immensely proud to be managing the safety of the David Attenborough and BBC Earth Museum Experience. 
Sophia Livett stepped up to take the helm of Acoustech, taking Noise Management from ‘the noise police’, to a collaborative, responsive service, and working for the benefit of all event stakeholders. It’s taken skills, job vocation and a commitment to quality and communication to build Acoustech’s reputation for service, and progressive thinking around issues such as well-being, inclusivity and sustainability to move the division to the next level: a youthful inspiration to us all to strive for continuous improvement.
We were delighted when Simon Barrington agreed to join the team and step into Julian Spear’s role leading our production services – big boots to fill.  Simon was appointed our Director of Production following a challenging but highly successful Spike Island Resurrection concert.  Then a memorable two-day K-Pop spectacular at Wembley Arena confirmed that his skillset and experience would provide the leadership and commitment needed to take the division forward into 2023 with renewed strength and depth.  
Another great recent addition has been that of Caroline Harding to assist with our ongoing strategic development.
We have been working closely with clients TEG with venue safety management strategies throughout the year and it’s another indication that continuous progression is so important as we consider our obligations with Martyn’s Law being introduced.  There are constant reminders in the world about the need to prioritise resources and maintain expertise through consistent learning, to ensure the safety of attendees and staff at live events.
As our new look Symphotech Group faces towards 2023, we are delighted to be nominated finalists at the Access All Areas and Festival Supplier Awards in January, for some of last year’s achievements. The team is looking forward to a festive break before getting back to work with existing and future clients for next year’s events and I’m confident that January will find us well-positioned to help clients make 2023 an exciting, prosperous and better year than ever.