York Racecourse

York Racecourse had received notice from the York City Council Environmental Protection Officers that independent bookmakers were reporting loud noise levels whilst working.

This posed an interesting case as whilst York Racecourse is not directly responsible for the mitigation of exposure to noise for the bookmakers, they do have a duty of care to provide information about Hearing Protection Zones.

Where noise levels are likely to exceed the Lower Daily Exposure Action Value the employer can make reasonable efforts to protect the worker’s hearing, York Racecourse also has the direct duty to protect employees’ hearing in these zones, so the survey was of critical importance to ensure compliance with the Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

Acoustech, using full Class 1 Sound Level Meters, undertook spot measurements and conducted interviews with the bookmakers to establish how many race meetings they attend and for how long they are on site around the PA system to establish daily exposure.

The basis of the report was that the noise levels were well below the lower exposure action value based on a daily exposure correction. The report found that the client was fully compliant under the Noise at Work Regulations 2005 and there was no need to implement Hearing Protection Zones. The bookmakers were also reassured to know that York Racecourse had undertaken the assessments and that due care and attention was being paid their aural wellbeing.